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posted: 2016-03-26

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and I thought a complete website redesign would take two weeks

I started way back in September 2008 to learn about WordPress, experiment with CSS, and, more importantly, for my own amusement. For the past three years or so, I’ve been promising myself I’d do a major site overhaul. Sadly, I can no longer ignore the huge number of smartphones glued to people’s hands, or wedged firmly into the rear pockets of designer jeans boasting “pre-stressed” knees. It’s time to act.

With so many irritatingly “fun” things to try, I narrowed my redesign goals to just a bit bunch more than I could chew. I brazenly predicted completion in two weeks—it’s been over five months now, and my to‑do list seems to keep growing. Strange.

Redesign goals:

  • Create my own WordPress theme
  • Use responsive web design to develop a single site for both mobile devices and desktops
  • Tame unwieldy style sheets with a CSS preprocessor
  • Experiment with web fonts
  • Test drive a new code editor
  • Install a DNS server for testing locally hosted websites across my LAN—essential for checking responsive web design on smartphones, etc.
  • Maintain sanity in the process (and maybe even write about some of this stuff)

Perhaps it’s all too much—I doubt this redux will ever truly be completed, but here it is such as it is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy working on it. No, seriously, I really do enjoy it. Seriously. I do. Really.

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